Where Corrugated Engineering Came From

Eric Daigle, the owner and founder, has been working in the corrugated box industry since 1996. Throughout his career he has occupied the position of production manager, operations manager, and corporate engineer. No matter where he worked (Chile, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, or the United States) he repeatedly witnessed opportunities for improvement in production processes that were not being implemented, because the cost of having a knowledgeable, onsite process engineer was not justifiable.

On a daily basis, corrugator companies face the same challenges: on-time delivery, low waste, high uptime, and no return. Often, a plant will grow and develop a level of expertise that brings them to a production plateau. The work crew (maintenance and production) may develop lax and non-productive habits which, without outside technical support, are very difficult to identify, change, and improve.

As a provider of corrugated plant design and support services, we are your go-to provider whose goal is to help you move above and beyond any plateau.